January 21 Beauty

Shiny Gold Nails

Hello again, honey’s!

I am finally home from what was an incredible adventure and MUCH needed vacation! Post coming soon about my trip!

I wanted to write a quick post regarding my shiny, gold nails that you were freaking out about! Thank you so much for your comments and loving them as much as I do. I guess I nailed it with that look. 🙂

I got them done at Valley Nails. They are tips actually, not nail polish. I never got tips before so at first it felt really strange, but once I got the hang of them, they felt completely normal. The only complaint I had was that  since they were foil, they scratched up easily and looked like I had chipped polish. They lasted about ten days. I use my hands so often that I probably got the short end of the stick with them this round, but if you are light on your hands, they will definitely last longer.

If you prefer to do your nails yourself and/or are nail savvy, you can shop them below! 🙂 It took me some time to find them for you but I am so glad I did! All you need is a file and some glue and you’re good to go. Thank you so much for your support and I’ll see you back on instagram!

PS: I also found some other cool nail tips for you to play around with below. 😉

kisses, L

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