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Three Step Makeup Secret To Flawless Daytime Skin

How to keep skin looking daytime perfection has always been something women yearn for. With new products on the market every day and so many different opinions, it’s hard to make up one’s mind and try everything that’s begging to be tried on the shelves.

So, now that we are new BFF’s and you are going to learn a lot more about me, I have a confession. I am totally skin obsessed. I can find myself talking about skin and products for hours with friends or even strangers who I decide to speak to in stores. I have no shame when needing to discuss skin on the spot with my fellow beauty obsessed girls, so if you have been one of these people, (you are seriously just as sick as me) I totally don’t apologize for making you miss your huge meeting because I just had to hear your review on something. Sorry, not sorry.

I have tried and tested loads of beauty products in hopes of making my skin look great during the day. How I usually decide which is best is:

how it looks. When applying makeup for the daytime, you want to look dewy with a youthful glow and sheen (not sweaty or wet). Looking too dry can make your skin look parched and in need of a serious moisturizer. You will end up looking like a vintage leather jacket in need of a serious credit card purchase and some TLC. Need I say it. NOT CUTE!

how it feels. Depending on the time of year, makeup can sweat off or leave you dry, which in both cases can make you feel like you’re needing to apply all day or add other products. If something feels good, stays put, and you don’t need reapplication, you are golden, baby!

the compliment factor. I know this sounds crazy, but what better way to test out anything new than to take it for a spin on the town!? I will test different kinds of makeup, see how my skin reacts, then change it up and keep track in my mind if someone complimented on my skin that day/week. You know you have been there too! And let’s be honest…when someone tells you they love your skin, it’s just as complimentary as someone loving your boobs.

Makeup Step 1. As part of your morning routine (I will do a post on mine in the near future), apply SUNSCREEN, WOMAN! Every product I apply during the day has sunscreen in it so I know I am extra covered. Obviously you are beautiful as you are but we need to keep it that way. I am sunscreen obsessed and I am going to convert you…quickly. I found out about this product from my dermatologist (who is literally my BFF…except I pay her…and make appointments to see her…and she inflicts pain on me. whatever, I know she loves me). Elta MD Tinted UV Daily Sunscreen has SPF 40 and glides on smooth without any creasing throughout the day. Because of the tint, slight imperfections are hidden and you look “awake”.

Makeup Step 2. The Amore Pacific SPF 50 color control cushion compact has become one of my HG products that I just can’t live without. This makes you look so fresh and model-esque. You can apply for minimal coverage or do a couple more layers for ideal coverage. I was originally nervous about using a compact during the day because I hate lots of makeup on my face and I hate makeup that feels cakey. This is a dream product I can not recommend more.

Makeup Step 3. Last but certainly not least is Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15. I wear the color golden dark, which is beautiful over my olive toned skin. I also wear this product at night even though there is SPF in it. Although a powder, this reward winning product gives you the glow of a bronze goddess and stays put like a foundation.

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