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Ask Lindsi: The New Babe In Town

Hey girl!

Ask Lindsi is the new babe in town and it’s time for some real talk!

Not only is this section going to be funny, raw, and sometimes raunchy (yes, I encourage you to go there, girls), but I was also extremely inspired to build this column because of the actual conversations that I have on a daily basis. Whether that be about drama in our lives, style, sex, family, fashion, friends, etc, each topic is always dissected, debated, and is ultimately hashed out. I thought it would be awesome to have a platform where we could do this together. I hope my answers to specific questions inspire you to join in on the fun, learn something new, and most of all let you know you’re not alone. It’s time to dig into all topics “girl”.

I would love for you to write in with your questions and allow me to become the voice for all of us. So Lindsi is about us, it’s about you, it’s about friendship and girl power . You can ask me anything and everything that you may want my advice on. And I mean ANYTHING. This is going to be fun, for reals. If you want to be anonymous, you can make up another name or just use your first name. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible to write in. Just click on “Ask Lindsi” in the top header and to submit a question, just write in at the black bar at the top, right corner of that page! Please note that I am not a doctor and not a certified therapist. I just happen to give great, no BS advice and want to share it with you. Think of Ask Lindsi as your new BFF/stylish therapist, who loves to tap into dirty, real, funny, engaging topics in a witty, raw manner. That’s me.

It’s time to get dirty, girls. Break out that martini!

hugs & love,


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