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Birthday Girl: Thirty-Two Things You Don’t Know About Me

Helloooo honeys!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Lindsi, happy birthdayyy…you’re old AF. I am 32 today guyssss! That is INSANE! I’m just joking about being old. I feel so young (Reminder: Make botox appointment).

So here is the thing. I feel like you don’t know me well enough yet to personally call me your BFF and that really upsets me. Since you are always staring at me in a square or rectangle on Instagram, I really wanted to open up on a deeper level. And whoa that came out a little more sexual than I had anticipated, but nonetheless, I want to be your friend, ok? Let’s bond over a trendy ice pop and frosé, shall we?

Here are 32 things you don’t know about me:

1. Yes, my name is really spelled with an “i”. You wouldn’t believe how many times a day someone asks me this! Every girl from my moms side of the family has an “i” at the end of their name. 

2. I prefer no clothes over clothes, especially when I am sweaty at the gym. I always have to workout in a sports bra.

3. If I wasn’t in fashion, I’d be a forensic scientist. The ID channel, investigation discovery, is life. When I started dating my boyfriend, he even asked me if I was a murderer. Omg, come on babe. I am from Long Island. 

4. I was once in a room alone with Brad Pitt. Um, I know.

5. I love speed and adventure. I’ve gone skydiving in Switzerland and never met a roller coaster, ATV, or jet pack I didn’t love.

6. I love layering my food and I can’t even take one bite of anything until it looks absolutely scrumptuous and the way I want. This doesn’t take long, but I am total food artist to say the least and it has even become a joke amongst my girlfriends. French fries go on burgers and potato chips go in all my sandwiches. But I am blogger and we don’t eat so that’s a rare occasion.

7. I grew up with the nickname Lindsi Loo and now my mom calls me Bella. You probably see her commenting under ALL my pics on instagram! Bella, bella, bella! Love you ma!

8. I’m a big mush. I can cry from a cotonelle commercial. #superemo. 

9. Dancing is my passion and what makes me feel happy.

10. I have many boyfriends. Jack, Jimmy, Jameson, Don, Johnny..I don’t discriminate, but a good dirty martini goes a long way.

11. The best life advice my dad ever gave me is, “if you don’t ask you don’t get”.

12. The best life advice my mom ever gave me is, “you get a lot more with honey than you do vinegar.” And she just happens to be the sweetest person ever and everyone loves her, so makes sense.

12. Shoe departments get me sexually excited. It’s a sick feeling how much I love them.  

13. I am starting to hardcore pursue my dreams of having a television career. As a little girl, I was always in front of a camera dancing, in singing lessons, and wanting to make people laugh. It’s where I feel most alive.

14. My two favorite places in the world are Capri and St. Barth. 

15. My lucky number is 11. It follows me everywhere I go and everything happens to me in 11’s. I even wear an 11 ring because it makes me feel safe.

16. I believe in angels and am very spiritually connected and intuitive. My mother is the same way. She is totally bewitched.

17. Fashion is in my bones, literally. My mom was a model in the 70’s. 

18. The way to my heart is through Esperanza roses, peonies, an artichoke, and for someone to tell me my hair looks really long. I know, I have a sickness.

19. I love to buy books. I rarely finish them.

20. I wear a diamond toe ring everyday.

21. I hate bras and rarely wear them. But when I do,  I love the Nubra! 

22. I love giving gifts just as much as receiving them and nine out of ten times usually tell the person what it is right before they’re about to open it. I get too excited!

23. I love problem solving, mysteries, and surprises. 

24. As a little girl, My jean jacket zipper got stuck to a luggage conveyor belt at the airport and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, like a ride. My parents did not.

25. I have a very big emotional attachment to Florida since I spent my childhood down there with my grandparents, who have since passed. 

26. I was a late bloomer and a huge tomboy before high school. Didn’t even get an A cup until 9th grade. But I won the basketball trophy and broke numerous swimming records at sleep-away camp. Who care about teets when you have those puppies?

27. I wore a mouth full of braces for 6 years with a mouth guard, colored rubber bands, then attached the bands from top to bottom. Don’t go to my orthodontist. I’m still mentally f*cked up. 

28. I’m a perfectionist in every way and a huge nerd. In college, since I hated skipping class, I was the scribe in all my classes. What’s even nerdier is that I outlined an entire book on David Koresh and The Children of God. What? I loved learning about cults.

29. I’m pretty “techy”. If something is broken, I need to fix it. And when I do, it’s like the biggest high ever.

30. When I am drunk, my friends call me Drindsi (drunk Lindsi). It’s kinda cute. I don’t mind.

31. I went to sleep-a-way camp for 9 years, Trail’s End Camp. Totally made me the woman I am today and I also learned to french kiss there (and yes, I had the mouth full of braces). Thanks for giving me a chance, guys! #thosewerethedays Miss you TEC!

32. I am obsessed with music in an unhealthy, weird way and if you don’t like my playlists there is something severely wrong with you and we legit can’t be friends.

And one for good luck!?

33. I really love making lists.

XO love you guysssss!!

Photo Credit: Lisa Richov

9/11 Note:

It is truly unbelievable that fifteen years ago today were the attacks of 9/11. Each year, on my birthday, I wake up with a pit in my stomach and feel sadness before happiness. This is something that will never, ever go away. Life is so fragile and we need to cherish the ones we love and embrace life, as you never know what tomorrow may bring. Today, let’s remember those lost who died in the attacks of 9/11 and I am sending prayers to those who loved and lost because of this unspeakable act or terror.

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