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Essential Home & Mental Cleanse

Our living space is our sanctuary. It is the place we leave in the mornings and come home to at night that brings us solace and peace. If this is not how you feel in your own home or apartment, well, you need to change up your space!  We have all been there. Whether it be makeups, breakups, lost our jobs, or a death of someone close to us, for example, these array of emotions can all lead to the urge for change in our lives shortly thereafter. A change in your diet, how you meet someone new, or how you get over an ex, can all lead to the this urge for change and newness, It is a relevant feeling and one that needs to be recognized and taken care of. Change can open up a whole new outlook for you and that is something I am 100% supportive of!

If you aren’t a spiritual person, that is fine, but this isn’t about being spiritual. It has to do with your happiness within the place that makes you feel most comfortable when the things around you might necessarily not. I am an extremely positive person and I love feeling emotionally “connected” to what life throws at me but the truth is that life isn’t always full of rainbows and butterflies and sometimes it seems unfair, but the small changes you can make to be happy make everything feel better and changes you for the better too. For example, when I go through hard times in my life, I always say, “I die for a little bit of time and then I come back from the grave stronger than ever”.

Changing my living space after going through hardships in my life has changed the way I felt mentally and emotionally. The slightest change in details to your home can make the biggest change to your happiness, so take it from me and follow these steps to mental cleansing your mind and bringing on the happiness.

1. Give away or get rid of the unwanted memories. If you have items in your home that make you feel sadness or remind you of someone or negative hardship you have gone through , get rid of it and replace it with something that brings you peace of mind so that every time you look at it, you think of this new chapter in your life, which is going to amazing, don’t forget that!

2. Shift things around. I am queen of doing this, even when I am in the happiest place of my life. I find it makes an old place feel new again, and what can be better than that? Whether you switch your chairs around or move a side table, or even move around an entire room, I promise you, you will love being in that space during the day and will be excited to come home to it every night.

3. Buy a piece of art with a quote on it. Quotes save me. I read quotes everyday and no matter what they get me through any situation. I had a piece of art commissioned with a very strong and personal quote that shines down on my entire living room/dining room area. Every day this quote makes me proud to be who I am and grateful for even the hardships I have been through because they have made me such a strong person.

4. Buy inexpensive, small things that bring you calmness. Items such as candles, crystals, a pretty vase you can fill with flowers, or a new picture frame you can add a pretty photo to will all put a smile on your face. This is proof that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to bring on big happiness. And you deserve it.

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