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Farewell Boot

Hey beauties!

Today is an awesome day! After being in my boot for a month from my mild stress reaction injury, I am proud to ditch Boo Boo Bella and get back on my feet! She was given this name at a dinner with my girlfriends when we were one round down and a couple gut laughs in. I have to say…in the month being injured, this was a true testament to my confidence, sense of humor, and stylist background. It was mentally, physically, and emotionally draining and getting dressed each day was the biggest pain in my stylish bum. You try making a flare jean look cute while you’re a femme bot! Sheesh. I literally never felt quite like “myself”, but did my best to continue to smile, be as positive as possible, and continue on with my stride of pride. Not only did I learn a a great amount about myself, but a whole lot about others in this timeframe. I hope you enjoy and also get a couple chuckles in to give you a break from your day!

Things I’ve learned from being in a boot/having an injury:

Your confidence is all you have. It is embarrassing walking around with an injury and literally exhausting. Anyone whose had one would agree. People are just making saddies faces at you all day long and construction workers exchange their usual (annoying AF) whistles for “can’t stop wishing you a speedy recovery” banter. A confident person, I never thought it would take such a toll on my mental state of mind, but it did. I was tired, lethargic, feeling unmotivated, and for the first time in my life I felt fat. This scared the crap out of me the most since I know how thin I am and usually love my body. But like, will I ever be able to fit into my Balenciaga leather pants again? I was just a mess. Nonetheless, I needed to buckle up, keep it moving, and continue to live my life as the confident woman I am, even still posting my everyday outfit posts to instagram. Speaking of which, you guys were SO incredibly supportive of my insta pics even while I was in the boot, SO THANK YOU AND A MILLION KISSES FOR THAT!

Know how to laugh at yourself. You just have to laugh and go with it. Since my boot was heavy, I would literally rock back and fourth down the street, not be able to walk properly uphill, trip over myself (I wish I was kidding), and look completely ridiculous in the process. However, I had to own it and rock the hell out of it in the only way I knew how, in true So Lindsi fashion. I mean, what could I have done? Had Postmate’s deliver me breakfast, lunch, and Bergdorf’s for a month? Wait.

They’re babe magnets: Single ladies, I have some world changing news! After a lifetime of scientific studies on how to get a man, I have it all figured out. Get. An. Injury! Totally kidding. Just grab a boot. I kept joking to my boyfriend that if I were single right now, I’d be killing it! These babies attract all sorts of guys who look like they want to buy you a puppy and put a ring on it the next day. And if you’re out at night, it’s always a great conversation starter for the shy type male. You can always give ’em the boot if he becomes creepy. Literally.

You can walk really fast. Because you’re in a slanted moon boot lifted off the floor, you can literally roll-walk your way down the street (lmao picturing myself), allowing for extra speed at a steady pace! I was a fast walker to begin with and now I just looked like I was driving on the sidewalk without a car. I was that fast and people would actually notice and say something to me. “Work that boot, girl.” Ooo, thanks bae! But I had to be aware of hills! You need to pump the breaks with those bad boys.

You get special service at restaurants. Aside from people just being generally nicer towards you, having a boot in a restaurant is like having a key to knowing every host and hostess in the city. “Who could turn away a boot!?”, friends would say, and for the most part they were right. Whenever we had special requests with any table or reservation we wanted in person, people were always accommodating and kind. Sweeeeet!

Your friends make fun of you till the cows come home (but they do it because they love you). My friends literally couldn’t get over the fact that I was rolling around like this. They embraced and took advantage of every chance they had to make fun of me, but make me laugh in the process. Again, you need to just go with it and laugh at yourself. Be prepared to give them their “make fun of you” seconds. I know you love me, girlies! #dasboot 

Boot becomes part of your girl gang and your friends petition for her own Instagram feed. If you follow me on snapchat (lindsilane11), you already know that my girls are out-of- control-funny! Legit, my friends wanted my boot to have her own instagram feed and FB fan page. I quickly shut that one down. 

Your ass gets tight. My entire body was off kilter since I was leaning to one side but I definitely felt my right bum get tighter! I wasn’t able to dance at Tracy Anderson (instead stuck to doing my custom workout there) so mentally I shut down. Dance class keeps me feeling so good and happy since I looooove to shake it! Can’t wait to dance again! In the meantime, I need to work on getting my left cheek back up to my right! 

Hashtag, like right now.


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