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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Who’s still drunk!? (insert arm raise girl)…..totally kidding.

I’m back from Miami and off to another adventure on Monday, but wanted to write a quick hello! 

Firstly, let me start off with you. Thank you SO INSANELY much for such a wonderful 2015 and following me along on my journey. Opening up so candidly with you is so scary for me, yet so refreshing, since I can just be myself with you; my real self, not just another instagram photo. With that, there are loads of exciting things happening with my brand this year, so I hope you continue with me on this crazy adventure, allowing me to inspire you and hopefully make you laugh and smile along the way. 

True story. So, last night I had a really crazy dream. I was giving birth to a baby girl and no one was around me. I mean NO ONE. Um, hello! Husband, mom, BFF!? Are you guys f*cking kidding me!? Anyway, I literally woke up in a pool of sweat, what I believed was my water breaking (geez, now that I am writing this, it sounds nuts-haha!). After my slight melt down about how I might have a baby alone, I came to a revelation I was giving birth to myself. Yes, you heard me correctly. I just think its a message that this is going to be a really good year and the rebirth of Lindsi Lane. I am just going to run with that one and not that fact that I am going to alone with a baby one day. But she was a GIRL! Yay! 

I just love new beginnings and fresh starts. Not only because you can mentally have a clean slate and look forward to what the new year has in store for you, but because it’s a concrete time for wishful thinking. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, and as we start to pave the way for a new year in 2016, I got to thinking about new years resolutions. Do we really need a change in year to want to better ourselves? In my opinion, absolutely not. We should always want to be the best version of ourselves, but hey, we can sure try a little harder and challenge ourselves to be better human beings, right? Absolutely.

The past year for me has been really exciting, yet also super challenging and filled with so many different types of emotions. I picture it like a tornado mixed with dirt, lightning rods, cake, sprinkles, rainbows and tow trucks all swirling around with one another. Ya, I know. I am nuts. The tornado, dirt, and lightning being the whirlwind of unexpected hard times that swept me off my feet, the sprinkles and good stuff being all the amazing, incredible highs and happiness I’ve had, and the tow trucks being the cleansing I’ve done since all of my experiences. It sounds crazy, but that’s the first image that pops into my head and I know you can relate. One year sounds like a long time but it goes by so extremely fast. It’s amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time. The journey that only one year brings can be completely life altering, eye opening, and bring upon substantial, personal growth that you will never forget throughout your life. Each year is a blessing with a hidden agenda just waiting to be opened like a gift. And whether good or bad events take place, each experience is a life experience that brings us exactly where we are destined to be; right here.

I never make New Years resolutions but I make revisions and compromises in my life that make me better, not different. Here are some minor things I want to do to tweak my daily life. Maybe some of the same are for you? We’re going tweakinggg! (instead of streaking? Will Ferrel?Old School? Ok.)

I want to look up more. I am guilty of always typing away on my phone bc of how active I am on social for work. This frustrates me, as I run six forms of social on my own everyday. In Miami this past week, I really took the time to just look up at my surroundings and not be so focused on what was going on in my phone. I just posted a pic of Palm trees to my Instagram and it was really so beautiful and made me feel a sense of calmness. People are always looking down! Look up! You never know what beauty will be surrounding you (this includes a possible handsome man, girly. Omg, he’s your next boyfriend. Wait, he’s your hudband)! I want to be more patient. Each day is a test to how much patience people have for one another and the things that happen around us. I want to learn to breathe things out, instead of getting flustered or agitated. I want to eat more clean. Whenever I am not downing junk, I feel so clean and revived. My body feels like it can actually breathe through my skin when I stick to a healthier food regimen. However, I am a huge foodie and will never deprive myself of yummy snacks. Portion control for that kind of stuff will help me tons! I need to drink more water. I swear I am like a camel and sometimes just forget to drink water all day. Ahh! Now that I think of it, I haven’t drank water ONCE today and its 4:45p! Damn, I am really thirsty, haha! Drinking tons of water keeps you hydrated and your skin glowing. A girlfriend of mine drinks water like a fish and I just looked at her in Miami and said, “I’m going to do that.” I am going to do all of this. Gulp. Ahhhhh.


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