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My “And I Was Lilac…” Smoothie Recipe

Hey hot stuff! Hope you’re not too hungover this Saturday morning! And if you are: (1.) good for you, but I am not jelz, sorry! I hate a hangover more than parsley and banana vodka from my high school days soooo, ya. That’s A LOT. And (2.) I can help in trying to cure you or at least make your mouth happy. Whoa-THAT was sexual. Whatever, I am going with it….

In the past couple of months, I have become obsessed with making smoothies and acai bowls. Lie. I have messed up the consistency so many times, so in my mind I have made acai bowls because they literally required a spoon. Anyway, you can call me a complete amateur, but I have really grown to love making them and seeing what new creation I come up.  I think my mom and girlfriends are seriously sick of me sending them “smoothie selfies”. They just looked so damn good that morning, goshh. 

I have to be honest, I never understood what people meant when they were on a smoothie kick. Would I really feel better? Would I feel more energetic? Would I feel satisfied? And the answer to these questions is YES, 100%! Not only that, but the ease of creating one is so fun. You can always keep certain ingredients in your home (like flaxseeds or peanut butter), which makes it so easy to whip up everyday.

I made this smoothie a few days ago and was blown away by the taste and color; the most beautiful lilac! What is funny is that I never measure out my ingredients and just eyeball it every time. I don’t like to measure so I get a new creation every time. See, there IS a method to my madness!

Plus, I have never named my drinks but I am definitely going to start because I love grammar and playing on words. My fantasy, dream job is figuring out the names of nail polishes, so this excites me more than getting the last shoe in my size. Ok, that was a lie again, but like, not really. It’s a tie!

And oh yea! What device do I use? A NutriBullet or Bella is perfect. I own the Bella and I love her. You can click to shop my favs, below! Blend away, beauty!

“And I Was Lilac…” Smoothie

*Just add a small amount of each ingredient and blend away!*

Ice. Pop in a handful of cubes.

Frozen Mixed Berries. You can freeze real berries but your local grocery store will have this. There are blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries in my bags. I buy so many at a time!)

Frozen Bananas. I take real bananas, slice them up, pop them into a ziploc bag, and freeze from there.

Original Almond Milk. Pour a good amount over the fruit until the fruit is covered.

Almond Butter. Juice Press has the most amazing almond butter I have ever had. I usually use a teaspoon.

Flax Seeds. I keep a huge container of flax seeds and they go into every smoothie I make. Just scoop a small bunch with your fingers and add to blender.

Almonds. I love crunch in anything and adding almonds to my juices makes me feel like I am actually eating something and not drinking it. Super satisfying.

Vanilla Extract. When I am blending original almond milk, I like to add a very tiny hint (think a little less than a teaspoon) of vanilla for warmth and to bring out the berries.

Blend. Everyone’s devices are different so just eyeball the smoothie until it looks creamy. You may have to shake up the top to shift some ingredients around and blend again.

Add Water. Ok, so very important! The smoothie will be thicker (ahem, like my acai bowls, ha) so I like to add water at the end in order to see how thin or thick I want to make it. I literally just added a couple splashes, blend again and voila!

Add to a pretty mason jar (or to a to-go cup like I did) with some berries to top it off or even some extra almonds for decoration!

How you lilac me now? Sorry I couldn’t resist! Essie O.P.I, call me!


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