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My Fitness Beauty Secrets

Hello Fit Queens!

It has been a whirlwind of a week getting a boot on my injured foot and adjusting to my slightly different lifestyle, so thank you so much for your understanding and support on all my social media channels! It means everything to me. Mentally, this is so draining and more challenging than I anticipated, but nonetheless I am really focusing on being happy, positive, and feeling lucky that it’s just not as bad as it is. Hashtag blessed.

Ironically, this post is coming at a funny time since I am legit limping around, but I have wanted to write this for a while. Because I can’t dance at Tracy Anderson Method at the moment, I feel extra inspired to fill you in on my little secrets. Grab that green juice you pretend to love and that sexy bod of yours and read on.

These are my little fitness, beauty secrets that make my workout experience a little more, well, “sweat-chic”. I hope you enjoy and try them out!

Coconut Oil. Aside from lathering coconut oil on my face, literally LATHER all day everyday, I love to rub coconut oil through my hair before I sweat. Sweating can tangle your hair horribly and using coconut oil smooths the strands out for easier manageability and strength. If you are trying to grow your hair, like I always am, this will also prevent breakage and make your hair stronger. Side note: I DO wear coconut oil on my face to the gym too. This can break some people out so be careful if you are sensitive to oils. When you sweat, the coconut oil looks dewy on your skin and you literally look like a glowing goddess. No one would ever guess you have swamp ass. 🙂

Scrunchie. Yes, I am that weirdo in the gym with a full-on scrunchie! Carrie Bradshaw would NOT approve, but for the sake of the health of my hair, it’s a must. As I said above, I am always trying to grow my hair long. I have literally tried every hair tie out there and I find that nothing protects more than an actual tie with material around the band, like a scrunchie. Below are some cute ones you can purchase so you can still look semi-stylish! EXTRA BONUS TIP: If you do not love a scrunchie, you can dip your hair ties in a teensy, tiny amount of coconut oil. This will prevent fraction between strands and tie. A negative is that it may leave a dent in your hair, so you will either need to 100% wash your hair or schedule a blowout. DryBar app, downloaded!

Waterproof Mascara. I always had a love/hate relationship with waterproof mascara, as I am sure you can agree! I am usually not a fan of the consistency and how easily it would clump up (looking like a stylish spider has never been my jam), but this Guerlain one is amazing. It doesn’t budge and seriously separates your lashes to look fresh and dough-eyed. Sweating never looked so sultry.

Lip Gloss. A self-proclaimed lip gloss addict, you can guarantee anything that I put on my lips will become a holy grail product of yours. I hate getting dry lips during a sweat sesh. Nothing is more uncomfortable. There are a few benefits to keeping  your pout moisturized. One, it doesn’t make you as thirsty because you aren’t as dry and two, you aren’t always licking your lips, in turn drying them out and making them more chapped. And, ew, no guys like kissing dry lips! I love 3Lab Perfect Lips lip gloss. It glides on so smooth, smells like a day at the spa, and your smoocher looks wet and conditioned, almost like you just dipped your lips into an ice cream cone. Yummy!

DeodorantDo not be the smelly girl at the gym! And I repeat, like, do NOT. I have been a loyal fan of the Donna Karan deodorant for years and years and still haven’t found anything like it. It’s actually a deodorant you can’t wait to put on in the morning, and like, when the hell does that ever happen? Ya, never. 

Have a good weekend, babe!


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