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Staying Fit With G-Shock Watches

Hey babes!

I am so excited to share my collaboration with and G-Shock watches with you!

A lot of you DM and email me often about my fitness routine and beyond, so I’m super excited that this article will answer loads of those questions for you!

Marni (@styleontherise) and I are blogger besties-kinda like the bond between Kendall and Gigi, but minus the Victoria’s Secret contracts (one day, Marn, one day…) and we are always with each other and on the go! We literally don’t have time to come up for air, so committing to a workout is like being in a relationship with your mind, body, and soul. You must nurture, be patient, and listen to your body. And what the body wants is to stay healthy and fit. You need to work at it.

Being a fitness enthusiast, this partnership could not have come at a more perfect time-around the holidays! This is the toughest time of year to maintain those femme curves, as well as have the will power to say no to all those ooey gooey chocolates, candies, and cake! But with the right mind set, attitude, and workout gear, I always feel motivated about keeping my bod in check!

I have been a devotee to AKT, Anna Kaiser’s dance cardio/strength training studio, since April 2016 and did Tracy Anderson for 7 years prior to AKT. After a foot injury, I was eager to try something new. AKT never feels like a workout because of how fun it is, but I can calculate my workout by how drenched I am in classes and private training, and boy, do you get DRENCHED: “just got thrown in the pool” drenched. This is where my Casio G-Shock comes in handy! AKT looks like a dimly-lit club when you’re dancing/strength training, so I love that the G-Shock has an easy-to-push LED light that allows me to quickly read the time in style. Not only that, but it’s water resistant! This is the only thing I DON’T sweat through at the gym. It’s sleek design doesn’t look too bulky on my wrist and I never feel like I’m wearing a watch. In fact, I feel extra stylish.

After the gym, I usually try to drink a smoothie or a juice, and I must admit, I have totally become a healthy, juice junkie for sure! I’ll buy juices at local spots, but I also love mixing up my own concoctions at home with my nutri (bullet-best invention ever) and getting creative as I go. The stop watch feature on my Casio G-Shock is always helpful when whipping up anything at all in the kitchen. It’s stop watch feature is proof that modern day cooking is possible without a huge, bulky timer and the water resistance feature is proof that you can constantly wash your hands without worrying about ruining your watch. It’s a double threat!

Setting time aside to unwind is super important and sometimes hard to remember to do. However, doing this is such a crucial step in the mental, emotional, and physical health of your body. It is a MUST. I love to use the timer on my G-Shock watch to set any meditations or breathing exercises I may do, or to set time on a power nap! I LOVE power naps and fully believe that they recharge your body. You can literally nap anywhere private (or public-whatever floats your boat, 😉) that makes you most comfortable without dragging around an alarm clock.

And last but certainly not least, Marni and I love to share clothes with one another and that’s no shy of the accessories we wear! We love swapping the colors of our G-Shock’s so that they compliment our daily athleisure looks when we workout together. Slaying fit never looked so stylish! It’s actually shocking! #GShock



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