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How To Pack Like A Pro

Hey babe!

It’s that busy travel time of year again, which means it’s time to get those suitcases packed! Whether you are getting ready to go somewhere local or somewhere more exotic, I’ve got you covered in the packing department!

It is no secret amongst my friends and family that I am a pro packer. This is actually a quality that I have grown to be quite proud of, as people would usually assume I’d be a terrible packer, haha, so I like to prove them wrong! I hate checking a bag more than anything and always strive to bring a carry on as much as possible, unless I am away for a really long time. When I used to style my clients, many times they would like for me to style outfits for them prior to packing and then help them pack, so I have learned a lot through my experience and even created some of my own tricks along the way. Being a good packer is truly a quality that you can learn, get used to, and grow to love. You just have to commit to the process of wanting to make your life a little easier. Sounds like anyone would want that, right? Wrong. Women struggle so much in this field because we have a lot of “things”. Another reason why men have it easier than us ;).

I am excited to share these with you! Your first step is to use this So Lindsi checklist as you pack. You’ll start out your adventure stress free, stylish, and with a whole new outlook on the way you pack up your life and travel.

Pick a suitcase. Assess exactly where you are going, what you will be doing, and for how long. Like I said above, I really bring a carry on as much as I can, but a lengthy trip requires a checked bag. My favorite carry on of all times is the Kipling carry on. My friends even make fun of me because I have a crazy obsession with this bag and can go on and on about it. I have yet to find another bag that looks so small, but fits so much, is lightweight, and stylish! This bag is everything and I have been using mine since I was abroad ten years ago. Talk about durability. The large suitcase that my whole family swears by and that I have turned friends onto is the Briggs & Riley double decker bag. It IS the holy grail of suitcases. Lightweight, durable, and a double decker for shoes at the bottom, this makes for travel perfection.


Make outfits. I can not stress this enough! Maybe because of my styling background I am constantly eager to put looks together, but this is a time savior and stress savior beyond, so I am converting you too! Anything you buy that is new for your trip, set aside. You can start this process weeks before your trip since mentally you are already dreaming of your toes between the sand and some sun on your face. Once you have gathered your items, count your days and nights and how many looks you will need. This will start to become a really fun process once you get the swing of it. I always like to bring two extra night looks just in case my mood changes. *Bonus tip: Plus, if you know you will be shopping, pack less of the item you know you will be buying so the new stuff can take up that space in your suitcase. For example, when I go to Capri every summer, I love shopping in this bathing suit shop there, so I barely pack bathing suits.

Photograph them. I used to do this with polaroids, but now it is even easier to take outfit pictures with your iPhone. *Bonus tip: I like to “heart” the pics so that they are easy to find while you’re away and you don’t need to be scrolling through your feed to find them.

Anything delicate, place in tissue paper or garment bag plastic wrap. It goes without saying. Anything delicate or that requires extra attention needs to be wrapped or hung separately. I love plastic wrap much better than tissue because it doesn’t tear and gives extra protection, but it depends on what you choose to protect. *Bonus tip: I also like to use the plastic wrap as a laundry bag during the trip. Once I have my delicate item hung, I just make a knot at the bottom and it becomes a portable hamper. You can always ask your hotel for an additional plastic wrap when you pack up to go. Voila!

Roll t-shirts and casual items. A large space saver, rolling your more casual, less likely to crease items, will l eave room for the more fancy items to be packed and the larger price tagged items that need more special attention.

Always have a cosmetic bag ready to pack. Even when I’m not traveling, I have my cosmetic bag filled with my goodies sitting at my bathroom sink. Not only because I am very spontaneous with picking up to travel somewhere, but because it is always one less thing I need to think about while packing up. This will save you time, believe me! Even if you have to buy double products, it is so worth it. *Bonus tip: If you run out of TSA friendly containers, empty out a pill bottle and use that for products such as face wash, moisturizer, or hair gel/serum.

Spray tissues. After a long day of travel, it is always nice to be able to open your suitcase and smell a scent that puts a smile on your face and brings you comfort. All you need to do is spray tissues with your favorite scent and stuff them all around your suitcase and in between your clothing. This will leave a permanent scent on your items so you will never risk leaving your hotel room without your signature scent. That would be a sin ;).

Pack sunglasses up in hard clutches, semi hard pouches, or small sunglasses holders. If you are a sunnies junkie like me, then you aren’t going on your vacation without at least four pairs of hot shades. To save space, do not lug around those bulky sunglasses cases! Opt for semi-hard cases that aren’t too hard, yet offer just as much protection. *Bonus tip: I love bringing a small sunglasses case with me in my carry on (like the one below) or I love wrapping sunglasses up in secure, hard clutches. Once you get to your hotel, you can lay them out pretty on the table and style as you would!

I hope you have an amazing holiday break, girl! Now get packin’! xoL

photo credit: lilyunique & Fashion Gone Rogue

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