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St. Barths 2016

Hey lovely!

Sorry that writing this post has taken a little bit of time!

I am finally settled back in from my trip to St. Barth’s and what a trip it was! In case you are planning to travel to one of the best places ever, and I mean EVER, I wanted to give you my itinerary and some helpful tips for your next trip to St. Barths! This was my third time there and each time it gets better and better. Plus, I stayed in different places each time, as well, so I have gotten pretty knowledgable with my lay of the land. Lucky you! 

The first time I ever had the pleasure of visiting SB, I was invited by a friend of mine to stay on her boat. It was such a special treat and being able to experience SB in such a spectacular way was a once in a lifetime. Last year, I went with my family and stayed at the hotel, Cheval Blanc, and this time we stayed at Eden Rock. Each were beautiful, gorgeous, and special and I would stay at both again, however, they are definitely hotels for different reasons and each of my family members agreed on these opinions-which rarely happens, lol!

Here is the So Lindsi St. Barth’s hotel breakdown:

Cheval Blanc: Cheval Blanc is run by LVMH hotel management so you know you are getting top notch everything. Staying here was one of the most amazing hotel experiences of my life and that says a lot. I have stayed in and seen some really beautiful hotels in my travels and this is definitely top three. Very quaint and romantic, I had a pool front room that made it easily accessible to jump out of bed in the morning to have breakfast or go back and forth from the pool or beach. The room itself was beachy, yet exquisite and refined. The concierge took care of all of our dinner reservation needs and/or changes and were extremely attentive throughout our stay. The only negative I can say about this hotel, after staying at Eden Rock this past time, is that it is not as central to shopping in town and where all of the fun day parties/lunches are (if you are into those types of thing-I am!), such as Nikki Beach and La Plage. However, the taxi ride is just an extra 5 minutes or so, give or take…the island is so small! Also, I found that Cheval Blanc is more romantic than Eden Rock. If you want a more luxurious stay, where you can hideaway in bliss with your honey, I would recommend this hotel over the other. But it depends on what your style and taste is because like I said, both are incredible and I would stay at both again!

Eden Rock: If you picture a small beach with three different landmarks on it, place Eden Rock in the center. To the right of ER is Nikki Beach, famous for it’s boozy brunch parties and champagne showers (my favorite!) and to the left is La Plage, another fun lunch spot where they have a bikini brunch on Saturday’s and an incredible little store owned by friend of mine, called Wildside (see me above with my flamingo!). The layout of Eden Rock reminds me of a “jungle-esque” luxury camp. It is quite beautiful and really lends a “homey vibe” of comfort while you enjoy your stay there. This hotel does not have a pool like CB, but if you love the beach, you’re in good hands. The store in the hotel is FANTASTIC, DANGEROUS, and UNREAL. Enter at your own risk!

Let’s talk food! Here is the So Lindsi restaurant list:

1. On The Rocks: At Eden Rock Hotel. Sensational views and eclectic menu. Yummy cocktails.

2. L’isola: Italian restaurant in Gustavia (in town by the marina) with a dimly lit, sexy vibe and amazing food.

3. Bonito: One of my personal favorites, this hidden gem is tucked away in the rocks up a large hill, which makes it even more special. It has an inside/outside ambiance with beautiful decor and a lengthy menu with beautiful views.

4. Black Ginger: Asian and so yummy. If you need a break from all the seafood, this would be your best bet. They had a delicious soup that my friend and I couldn’t stop talking about. 

5. Le Ti: Famous for it’s cabaret show, this is where the party is at! You eat dinner as you watch the sexy dancers perform and put on acts. You can even dress up (if you’re drunk enough, lol) and get up on stage to dance in costume. The performers encourage you to join. It’s a touristy place but if you have never been, you MUST go!

6. La Garite: This was a new addition to my restaurant list since it opened not too long ago. The decor is beautiful, has an outdoor/indoor layout, and is close to Bagatelle if you would like to go there for a drink after (or to dance on another table, ha).

7: La Plage: Fun for lunch and dancing around during the day. The menu is decent, but you don’t go there for the food. It’s a fun day spot with awesome music, shopping, and vibes. Oh, and hot waiters. There are hot waiters everywhere on the island. SWOON!

8. Nikki Beach: Sunday’s are where it’s at at Nikki Beach! This party is wild and so much fun! You can eat there for lunch and/or just go to party. This day, my family rented a boat so we were able to anchor right in the ocean in front of NB and tinder on over. It was fantastic! Plus, all ages welcome! Let’s just say I have seen 80 year olds stand on chairs there, laughing and drinking champs! That will be and my friends one day. 

9. Tamarind: A short cab ride away, this spectacular restaurant is for lunch or dinner. It literally looks like The Jungle Book and is one of the coolest, most picturesque places I have ever eaten at in my life. A must see! 

An added bonus: You can still shop some of my favorite vacay looks below!


I hope this helps and you enjoy your next trip to St. Barth’s! You won’t ever want to come home, trust me!

Hugs and Love,


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