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Traveling in Style 101

I love to travel more than anything, however, looking the part of a jet set goddess is always the toughest part!

A.) Depending on where I am going and B.) what time of day am I traveling are factors that I usually consider when dressing for any inflight runway, but lezzbehonest, as fabulous as you are, you don’t want to always look your best sometimes. You just want to be in your jammie’s and all cozy and not care…until you do and are kicking yourself in your Chanel espadrilles! You see the hottest guy ever in the airline lounge and are trying to duck behind the fritos and mini bottles of red because God forbid he sees you without Tom Ford foundation on! As you board your flight and dig back into the bag of fritos you stole from the lounge (ahem, cough, three bags), he’s sitting next to you inflight and you were supposed to be set up with him months prior by your best friends, sisters, friends, cousin…sigh. Anywaysss…as I was saying…

No matter where I am going, what time of day, or who I am with, I have my go-to travel essentials that keep me looking inflight fleek no matter what the rest of me may look like. Sometimes a hot mess, sometimes a hot hot mess, sometimes a mess mess…you totally get it.

1. A cool travel bag: Whether it be a designer bag you invest in or just a snazzy workout bag that you use as a carry on (cool workout bags sell out like Isabel Marant runway shoes anyway so what’s the difference, right?), you can always look even more put together when holding a killer carry on.

2. A large cozy pashmina with some embellishment:

3. A cute face mask (for lengthy travel): These make for cute selfies too, I mean come on! #jetset(insert your name) <3

4. Black or any mirrored sunglasses: Not a clear lens of any sort. You are fabulously incognito and ducking behind potato chips, remember?

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